Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Community Research Awards - Results and Recommendations [IO4]

Universities, their host city governments and local civil society organizations share a responsibility to serve as crucial anchor institutions for the development of education policies as well as for community building in urban areas. Universities can assume a variety of roles in economic, social and cultural development, and collaborations with city governments and community organizations can be mutually fulfilling. Strong university-city-civil society relationships which are built on trust can evolve to a partnership that is strategic and transformational, which is particularly important in our day and age when cities and institutions are going through deep transformations.

In the past three years the UniverCity project produced a great deal of nuanced understanding of how the collaborations between academia, local government, and civil society can be strengthened and geared towards the common good through community based research. The following are practical recommendations for universities, city authorities, and civil society organizations that wish to build such successful collaborations through broad stakeholder engagement.