Monday, June 6, 2022

Community Research Awards in Romania - Spring 2022

In Romania, UniverCity project aims to identify and solve small-scale community problems in the fields of: education, quality of life and entrepreneurship.

In the first Community Research Awards competition organized by the "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, the local communities in Sibiu County addressed to academic staff a number of 33 research challenges, on various issues of community interest. In order to find solutions to these problems, LBUS professors, together with students and others stakehoders, set up project teams in accordance with their academic interests.

23 project applications were submitted to the competition. A jury of experts, representatives of the business community, non-governmental organizations, local government and academia selected the following three projects to be funded:
  • Sibiel local community - Project “Study on water quality in Sibiel village, Sibiu county”
  • Sibiel local community - Project “Relevance of honey plant biodiversity in the extension and efficiency of beekeeping in the area of Sibiel village, Sibiu county”
  • Sibiu Storytelling Association – Project “Yes for Education!”
These projects are implemented over a period of six months (March-August 2022), after which the results of the research carried out and the solutions proposed by the project teams will be made available to the communities that generated the respective research ideas.

Starting with April 2022, the collection of the research challenges related to the second competition has started. In this round of competition, UniverCity will provide support for the implementation of another three community research projects in the fields of education, quality of life and entrepreneurship. The selected projects are going to be implemented between November 2022 and April 2023.